Human brain overview for biotech and artificial intelligence development (part 14)

We need a complete science on the human brain for advancing biotech, neurotech, and artificial intelligence.

The modern neuroscience is incomplete. The modern neuroscience doesn’t know how and why the human psychology gets created in the human brain. The modern neuroscience is incapable of curing many human-brain diseases. In all honesty, the modern neuroscience is ignorant in many aspects; that needs to be rectified.

I’m Allen Young, a transhumansitic Asian-American man; Allen Young, and his high-tech American corporation, Robocentric, will keep pursuing completing neuroscience, so that the complete knowledge about the human brain can be used in creating the human immortality biotech, neurotech, and advanced artificial intelligence.

On the Internet, it says the average number of cells in the human brain is 171 billion, which includes 86 billion neurons; I will experimentally verify that number by developing a technology that can microscopically observe and verify every single cell in the human brain. According to that numerical data on the Internet, 171 billion human-brain cells, which includes 86 billion neurons in the human brain, creates the human conscious or psychology; I will develop and commercialize a set of technologies that can precisely point out how and why the human psychology gets created in the human brain. I will conquer that number, 171 billion, for completely understanding how the human conscious or psychology works exactly in the human brain, and for finding all the causes and cures of all the human brain diseases. I’ll eventually 3D-photograph and publish all of the 171 billion cells in the human brain, for advancing transhumanism.

For researching how the human brain functions, I can calculate the human-brain cell density using the number of cells in the human brain.

The average human brain volume is 1,274 cubic cm.

The average number of cells in 1 cubic cm of human brain is 134,222,912.

The average human brain volume in cubic mm is 1,274,000 cubic millimeters.

The average number of cells in 1 cubic mm of human brain is 134,223.

The cubic root of 134,223 is 51.2007. 1mm / 51.2007 = 0.01992mm. Hence, the average volume occupied by a brain cell is 0.01992 cubic mm, or 19.92 cubic micron, an area big enough to be seen with an optical microscope; however, an individual brain cell is probably smaller than this since other brain matter such as dendrites and axons must occupy the brain space too.

The human brain dendrite width is less than 1 micron, 0.3-0.5 micron. 5 to 7 dendrites per neuron on average; each dendrite is about 2 micron in length on average.

The human brain axon width is about one micrometer.

I’ll do more human-brain data acquisition and analysis work as soon as I can.

I’ll continue this series in part 15.

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