I am miserable, and I’m writing books

I am miserable.

I have no one but God to thank for my misery.

I am miserable because of two reasons.

One, I need money for my high-tech startup, but money isn’t coming fast enough. No one wants to invest in my startup yet. Hopefully, money will come from somewhere, soon enough.

Two, I’m on a fatloss diet, so I can’t eat for pleasure. I am losing about one pound of body fat per week, and I need to lose about 16 pounds of fat to reach the 4% body fat level. So, four more months of no pleasure eating. Not being able to eat for pleasure makes me miserable.

No money, no pleasure eating: that’s why I am miserable.

I have 14 podcast subscribers; my TikTok videos never reach 300 views; my YouTube videos hardly get any views. I’ve been doing online content marketing for about three months to promote my cause, and hopefully get some investor money. Not too successful so far; so it makes me a bit miserable.

I figured, maybe writing and publishing some books will get me some money. So, I decided to write and publish some books.

I’ve published two books so far: The Future, and The Robocentric Masterplan. I’ve published them about six months ago, at the end of May, 2022. So far, my two books generated US$35. Not too successful. I’m immensely grateful that a few people bought my books, but they’re not selling enough.

So, I decided to write and publish even more books, hoping to make some money for my high-tech startup seed money.

I need money for technology patent fees, and marketing costs.

When I can, I’ll establish and operate a Robocentric hardware development center in Las Vegas. That’s my aspiration right now. I’ll keep pursuing it, and see what happens.

In the next video, I’ll talk about the book I’m currently working on.

If you haven’t already, visit Robocentric.com/Future, and buy and read my book, titled The Future, to learn how I advance artificial intelligence, robotics, human immortality biotech, and mass-scale outer space humanity expansion tech.

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Allen Young

The transhumanistic Asian-American man who publicly promotes and advances AI, robotics, human body biotech, and mass-scale outer space tech.