Persistence Meditation book writing

I’m writing a book series titled Persistence Meditation.

It contains my mental techniques for persisting especially when my going gets tough.

If you feel like giving in to giving up, reading my book, Persistence Meditation, will probably help you out; it’ll give you the inspiration, motivation, and energy you need to keep persisting. More info at

In my book, Persistence Meditation, I have a chapter titled “Resolve to never give up, no matter what”. In that chapter, I write, “Live your best life; live the life of your wildest dreams and fantasies, by doing your best everyday, every moment.” I remind myself that everyday.

My best life, the life of my wildest dreams and fantasies, is living in Las Vegas, with a Robocentric hardware development center in Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada, working on developing and commercializing robot, biotech, and nuclear-fusion tech hardware technologies everyday. No weekends. Working 100 hours or more everyday to advance transhumanism. Maybe, just maybe, if I do my absolute best everyday, I’ll have that life I want; even if I fail to live the life I truly want to live, it would be never from the lack of enough effort on my part. I can accept failure after trying; but I cannot accept not giving my best to what I truly want.

I want to persist with all I’ve got until I achieve all my dreams and ambitions in advancing transhumanism.

Persistence is magic.

In my book, Persistence Meditation 1, I say “Constantly try”, “To win, you must persist!”, “Be the finest in your game”, and “Resolve to never give up, no matter what”.

In Persistence Meditation 2, I say “Your Die Is Cast”, “Aiming Too Low Is Your Greatest Danger”, “You Must, You Can, and You Will!”, “Go All in to Win”, and “Do Your Greatest”.

Persistence Meditation 1 and 2 are truly beautiful short books. I love them. They are available as paperbacks, ebooks, and audiobooks on Amazon, Audible, and Apple Books.

I am proud to be who I am because I persist.

If you ever quit on yourself or your dream, you will be ashamed of yourself, and you’ll regret.

You must go to your grave still persisting on achieving your dream, even if you keep on failing and never achieve your dream.

But God is generous. If you keep on trying, you get wonderful things. Success may not come instantly, but if you keep on trying, you get some forms of success, and you get a lot of rewards.

If having US$1 million in cash, stocks, bonds, and U.S. treasury bills is your dream, that dream may not be achieved overnight, but if you keep at it for years and decades, the chance of getting that dream exponentially increases.

Never give up.

Whoever you are, no matter what life circumstances you’re in, never give up.

Giving up is what idiots do.

Never giving up is what smart people do.

So, be smart, and never give up. NEVER GIVE UP!

If you want some fast and cheap encouragement and moral support for persisting on achieving your dream, read my books, Persistence Meditation 1 and 2, available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook at Amazon and Apple Books. More info at

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Allen Young

The transhumanistic Asian-American man who publicly promotes and advances AI, robotics, human body biotech, and mass-scale outer space tech.