Robocentric human body part synthesizer and replacer biotechnologies

In order to realize the human immortality or longevity biotech that I envision, and to advance biomedicine, I pursue developing and commercializing human body part and whole human body synthesizer and replacer biotechnologies.

Such as Robocentric human limb synthesizer and replacer biotechnologies, and Robocentric human brain synthesizer and replacer biotechnologies.

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There is no guarantee of success whatsoever.

Even if I succeed at developing and commercializing the human immortality or longevity biotech that I envision, it will take multiple decades of research and development, at least two decades.

One milestone I am aiming to reach is mouse brain manufacturing and replacement biotech.

You don’t need any U.S. government license or regulatory approval for performing scientific and technological experiments on lab mice.

So, manufacturing and replacing the brain of a live laboratory mouse, will be the easiest and cheapest milestone in developing and commercializing the human brain manufacturing and replacement biotech.

Of course, manufacturing and replacing the brain of a live laboratory mouse while keeping the mouse alive during and after its brain replacement with all the old brain memory contents in the new brain and not shortening the mouse’s natural lifespan, will be difficult and cost some money, hopefully less than US$500,000 to US$1 million in materials cost excluding human labor cost; but it will be still far easier and far less expensive than manufacturing and replacing a live human brain while keeping the person alive during and after the brain replacement, keeping the person’s original brain contents and memories and genes in the new replacement brain, and not shortening the person’s natural lifespan that will require far more advanced biotechnologies and one or more government permissions that may or may not be granted.

I envision and pursue a number of Robocentric synthesizer biotech products, such as partial human brain synthesizer and replacer, and whole human brain synthesizer and replacer, for human brain replacement therapy—for curing terminal brain cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other human brain diseases and disabilities and damages that cannot be cured with drugs.

If Robocentric manages to successfully develop its human and nonhuman brain scanning, manufacturing, and replacement biotechnologies, they will be patented first, and tested on mice and nonhuman primates, and their results will be recorded, documented, and published in scientific journals before being made available as products and services, after going through the government-approved clinical trial phase with tests on terminal brain disease patients or human test subjects.

The key biotechnologies to develop and commercialize are human skull opening robotic technology that needs to cut open human skull perhaps with industrial cutting laser, human brain synthesizer or manufacturing biotech, human brain part or surface connector or glue biotechnology, and human skull or bone cut surface connector or glue biotech perhaps fast-acting protein, enzyme, and/or (artificial) cells and/or tissues.

I’ll pursue these human brain manufacturing and replacement biotechnologies. I know these are the right way to go!

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