American economy with robots everywhere

One aim I pursue is making robots everywhere or ubiquitous in America, according to my plan in my book, titled The Future.

Let’s talk about how the American economy will look like when robots are everywhere in America, sometime in the future.

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Currently, 0.9% of the American economy is agriculture; 18.9% of the American economy is industry; and 80.2% of the American economy is services.

Advanced robots with very capable dexterity and mobility that will be comparable to or better than the human dexterity and mobility will be used in expanding the American agricultural, industrial, and service economies.

Humans are not very good at doing mechanical work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; in fact, humans cannot do mechanical work nonstop; but robots can.

So the next-generation American economy model, that I envision and pursue is, robots doing mechanical work, and human workers doing decision-making and creative work.

In my view, the times when humans have done mindless mechanical work will be numbered, because robots will do all the dumb, boring, repetitive, mindless, and uncreative work for humans.

In the future American economy, robots will do dumb, repetitive work, and humans will do intelligent, creative work.

In the future American economy with robot workers everywhere, human workers will be very busy doing the work that requires the human taste, judgment, decision-making, and creativity—such as planning, executing, managing, and creating brand new ideas, thoughts, and things.

Because the future American economy with ubiquitous robotics will free humans from doing mechanical work, humans will be able to do more creative work.

So, the economic challenge for the human workers in the future American economy with robots everywhere will be being creative.

To survive and proper in the future workplaces in America, the American human workers will have to be more creative, and more intelligent, because there will be no room and opportunity for human workers in America to do dumb and repetitive work, because robot workers can and will do all the dumb and repetitive work that doesn’t require a human brain.

In the future workplaces in America with robots everywhere, human workers will do the work that requires human touch, human care, human judgment, human taste, human thinking, human emotions, human creativity, human intelligence, human impulses, human feelings, and human biology.

In the future American economy with ubiquitous robotics, human workers will evolve to be more creative and more intelligent and more human, because they must be.

Hopefully, ubiquitous robotics will come in America soon enough. I’ll keep toiling to bring ubiquitous robotics in America and elsewhere in the First World. Your support will be appreciated and needed.

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Allen Young

The transhumanistic Asian-American man who publicly promotes and advances AI, robotics, human body biotech, and mass-scale outer space tech.