Transhumanistic American imperialism and colonialism in Solar System

Many say an empire is evil.

To me, an empire is both good and evil.

An empire does many evil deeds, but it also does many good deeds that advance humankind.

When a nation becomes technologically far more advanced than other nations, it becomes a dominant, imperialistic nation.

My bet is that as transhumanism advances in America, America will become a transhumanistic empire on Earth and in outer space.

In my book, titled ‘Transhumanistic Solar System’, which can be purchased at Amazon, Audible, and Apple Books, I describe the future humanity that I strive to build that will have biotechnologically immortal humans everywhere in the Solar System. It’s a very futuristic book.

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My bet is that when the human genetic engineering biotech and neurotech become cheap and abundant in America, the U.S. military will invade and conquer unstable nations, and genetically engineer the conquered entire human population and install brain chips in every human individual of the conquered nation to make them well-behaving, productive, and biotechnologically advanced human beings.

My bet is that America will play the role of the transhumanistic global and outer-space empire that advances humanity by biotechnologically and neurotechnologically advancing its conquered subject peoples.

Furthermore, there will be a billion or more autonomous U.S. military spaceships across the Solar System that are controlled by the U.S. military human commanders, to enforce safety and security in the Solar System when humans massively expand into outer space using artificial nuclear-fusion powered outer space humanity expansion transportation, mining, manufacturing, construction, communication, and human-habitat technologies.

My book, titled The Future, available at Amazon and Apple Books, has my written and published plan to advance transhumanism in America and elsewhere in the First World.

In my view, making AI, robotics, human immortality biotech, and nuclear-fusion outer space tech available in every country is not a good idea.

Some nations are very unstable and very corrupt, and introducing transhumanistic technologies to such nations simply would not make sense.

The transhumanistic technologies that I envision, if and when realized, will become available exclusively in America and the rest of the First World, at least initially.

The dominant technological power that America and the rest of the First World will gain via the transhumanistic technologies will great the next great epoch of imperialism and colonialism unlike ever before.

Conquering people will genetically and neurotechnologically engineer the conquered subject peoples in the name of advancing humankind.

Powerful transhumanistic nations and peoples will exploit resources not just on Earth but across the vastness of outer space.

The astronomical amounts of energy released by artificial nuclear fusion, and the material resources harvest in outer space will create transhumanistic imperial glory and triumph at cosmic proportions.

America’s rebirth as a transhumanistic imperial superpower will create great envy and impetus in other nations and peoples to catch up to America and be a transhumanistic national and individual player on Earth and in outer space.

America’s ascension through advancing transhumanism will advance the entire humanity, by force, coercion, human genetic engineering, human neural engineering, and incentivizing.

God willing, I will bring about the wild and amazing future of humanity with America’s transhumanistic superpower.

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Allen Young

The transhumanistic Asian-American man who publicly promotes and advances AI, robotics, human body biotech, and mass-scale outer space tech.