Child rearing automation with artificial intelligence

Procreation is one of the greatest priviledges that humans have, and artificial intelligence must help humans in raising their children.

In particular, artificial intelligence should automate the work that humans don’t have to do in raising children.

Interacting with one’s child is valuable; doing the chores in raising a child is not. Artificial intelligence should automate the chores in child rearing.

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What do parents want? Parents want their children to have good chilldhood experiences, and grow up to be successful adult human beings.

A lot goes into raising children, and artificial intelligence should provide the services that are useful in child rearing.

Artificial intelligence cannot do humanly things, such as human interactions; but artificial intelligence can do mechanical things for humans that humans don’t have to do themselves.

What are the mechanical things in child rearing that humans do not have to do themselves? Artificial intelligence should do what humans do not have to do in child rearing.

Artificial intelligence should be integral to every aspect of the human existence, and artificial intelligence should be integral in child rearing.

There will be a lot that artificial intelligence can and will do for humans; providing useful services for human child rearing will be one essential role that artificial intelligence will play in the future.

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