Future of American consumerism with artificial intelligence and robotics

America is a consumerism-oriented nation and economy.

One goal I pursue in advancing AI and robotics is making America more of a consumerism-oriented nation and economy, on Earth and in outer space.

Increasing the American economic production and consumption is one goal I pursue in advancing AI and robotics.

One of my strategies for increasing the production and consumption in America, on Earth and in outer space, is increasing human creativity via AI and robotics.

I specify how the human creativity works, and how AI and robots will help humans to create more and better, in my next transhumanism book, titled ‘Human Creativity Analysis: For Advancing Artificial Intelligence and Robotics’, available at Amazon, Apple Books, and Robocentric Patreon page.

I talk more about this on my YouTube channel and podcast.

I work on advancing artificial intelligence and robotics, because I think they will be fantastic tools that will enable brand-new human creativity, and expanded human productivity on Earth and in outer space.

When a new technological tool is invented, adopted, and used, human creativity and productivity increases.

The American creativity and productivity has kept on increasing, because America kept on inventing, adopting, and using new technological tools.

Advancing artificial intelligence and robotics is challenging and difficult, but it must be done to increase human creativity and productivity, on Earth and more importantly in outer space.

Think about doubling the human worker creativity and productivity, in America, via using AI and robotics. I think it’s doable.

I think because of the advances in AI and robotics, there will be much more to consume in America, and there will be a greater variety of goods and services in America.

The role of AI and robotics I envision in America is increasing the American consumerism via helping humans to be more creative and productive.

I think in future, America will produce and consume much more, on Earth and in outer space, via using advanced AI and robotics.

In my view, AI and robotics must gain the capability to increase the human creativity and productivity, to increase the production and consumption in America and the rest of the First World.

AI and robotics must heighten the American consumerism, in order to be essential in the American economy, on Earth and in outer space.

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Allen Young

The transhumanistic Asian-American man who publicly promotes and advances AI, robotics, human body biotech, and mass-scale outer space tech.