What artificial intelligence must do to increase human creativity

The current artificial intelligence technologies don’t do much in helping humans to be more creative.

The current artificial intelligence technologies are crude, primitive, and extremely limited, and don’t do much in increasing human creativity. The current artificial intelligence can do some basic recognition and creation, but not very well.

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Creating something can certainly be exhausting, and humans create things for money, for exchanging value with other human beings.

Humans are genetically designed for economic transactions, and in the developed economies, you cannot be self-sufficient; if you’re living in a developed nation or society, you have to work for other people for survival and hopefully prosperity.

My question is, what artificial intelligence technologies can be developed and commercialized that will help people to create more, better, and faster for money? In other words, how can AI help people to make more money?

Artificial intelligence in the future can certainly do much more manual labor for humans. There is a lot of money to be made in doing manual labor, especially when you do it cheaply. China became the second largest economy in the world by providing cheap and abundant manual labor. I believe that AI and robots of the future will provide cheap and abundant manual labor to humans.

But what about beyond cheap and abundant manual labor? How do humans make money beyond providing manual labor? Humans also make money by doing intellectual or mental labor. In fact, in the developed economies, mental labor gets paid the highest.

In my view, researching, developing, and commercializing artificial intelligence requires focusing on two major areas. One area is providing cheap and abundant manual labor to humans, on Earth and in outer space, via AI and robotics. Another area is helping people to perform better, faster, and more mental labor.

Over time, over the ensuing years and decades, I’m sure artificial intelligence will evolve and advance to help humans perform more manual and mental labor. I certainly will keep working on advancing AI in my own ways.

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Allen Young

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