Spending addiction in capitalism, artificial intelligence enabling more spending

Humans feel good when they spend. Capitalism is designed to make people feel good by inducing people to spend.

Being able to spend and consume is a sign of having wealth, and human beings certainly love having wealth; humans hate poverty.

Humans are addicted to spending; humans love spending; and humans want to spend.

I talk about increasing earning and spending in America and elsewhere in the First World through AI and robotics, in my book, ‘The Future’, available at Amazon and Apple Books.

I talk more about this on my YouTube channel and podcast.

In my view, the First World, particularly America, should gain greater economic capabilities through AI and robotics.

The human desire for spending compels humans to produce more.

Ultimately, the human desire for spending is the engine of the human economic progress and expansion.

In my view, humans must be able to spend more, meaning humans must be able to earn or produce more.

In my view, artificial intelligence should be used in increasing the human-worker income, and in making spending more enjoyable for people by enabling producing higher-quality and lower-price goods and services.

Artificial intelligence and robotics must be used in manufacturing and service provision, in America and the rest of the First World.

AI and robotics must be used by the First World human workers to increase the income of the First World human workers.

Economic growth and expansion is ultimately inevitable, because humans hate poverty more than anything, and want more wealth more than than anything. Humans are designed to think that being able to produce and spend a lot is the greatest blessing in their lives. Humans are designed to economically grow and expand.

The First World peoples are the most knowledgeable and sophisticated peoples in the entire humanity, and the First World peoples want more wealth for themselves. Being poor is not popular in the First World, and being poor is never popular anywhere in the entire human world.

The only way to produce more wealth is to increase the means and capacities of production. My bet is that AI and robotics will create tremendous new wealth for the First World human workers who embrace and use AI and robotics in wealth production, such as in manufacturing, construction, and service industries.

In my view, the ultimate net effect of advancing AI and robotics will be the First World peoples earning and spending more, on Earth and in outer space.

Expect a lot of new wealth from AI and robotics for the First World human multitudes: the First World human workers doubling their income through using AI and robotics is not too far-fetched, and hopefully not too far away.

AI and robotics will enable the First World peoples to earn more and spend more, on Earth and in outer space.

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Allen Young

The transhumanistic Asian-American man who publicly promotes and advances AI, robotics, human body biotech, and mass-scale outer space tech.