Most important ingredient in artificial intelligence economy is people

Humans are never replaceable in the human economy and human reality. You need humans to build and run the human world. I cannot stress that enough. Saying that humans will be replaced by machines and machines will make humanity go extinct is a lie, ignorance, and sensationalism. Humans are irreplaceable.

Humans are needed in the human world. Machines are no more than tools. This notion of the world without humans and only machines is beyond me, and sounds ridiculous to me. If you’re a human being, you want other humans; if you’re human, you fight for human existence.

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Yes, machines will do more and more of mechanical work and that will make humans more productive, not less. Capable human workers will be in much more demand because they will be much more productive through using AI and robots.

Some people fancy machines being an existential threat to humans, but in truth, machines are nothing but boring, mundane tools for increasing human productivity. Machines do not have self-interest and will for self-preservation; but humans do.

If you say that the American military will use robots that will kill every human being, you’re effectively saying that the people in charge of the American military are so dumb, they’ll adopt and use something that will kill every human being. That’s not a convincing argument.

The American military, on Earth and in outer space, will always possess the capability to wipe out the entire humanity, for its military dominance. But will the American military ever use the capability to wipe out the entire humanity? Hopefully not.

The American military already possesses the capability to wipe out the entire humanity, without robots. Military robots will not change the fact that the American military already possesses the capability to exterminate the entire humanity, as does Russia.

Humanity already possesses the capability to exterminate itself without robots. An all-out nuclear warfare between America and Russia will wipe out the entire humanity under 24 hours, in less than a day.

Saying that robots will kill everyone is just sensationalism, fantasy, and escapism from the boring, mundane, everyday reality.

An idea of an existential threat is a drama, so humans are naturally drawn to a threating idea for entertainment; what is entertaining is not how the actual human reality works; a fairy tale is not the reality.

Never underestimate the collective human intelligence. Humanity as a whole is not dumb enough to drive itself into extinction, no matter how dumb some human individuals may be.

The ultimate goal in AI and robotics is increasing human worker productivity, particularly in America and the rest of the First World, on Earth, and in outer space. AI and robots are no more than technological tools for increasing human productivity on Earth and in outer space.

AI and robots will never be able to successfully compete with humans in being human and being humanly creative.

However, humans will never be able to do repetitive mechanical work as good as AI and robots.

Humans and AI and robots are complementary to each other; they are both needed for what they can do well, and what the others cannot do well.

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Allen Young

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