Some people have wrong attitudes: Should artificial intelligence try to correct people?

Some people live out their lives with self-destructive attitudes.

Instead of having self-confidence, some people have self-doubt.

Instead of believing in oneself, some people believe in other people.

Instead of being heroes themselves, some people wait for someone else to be a hero and rescue them.

One question I ask is, ‘should artificial intelligence have self-doubt?’

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Self-doubt is not without a purpose. When someone is too confident, he or she might make a fatal mistake that the person would not commit, if the person had some caution and reservation.

But when somebody is paralized by self-doubt, the person does nothing of importance and consequence.

How intelligent should artificial intelligence become?

Should artificial intelligence have some degree of conscious, such as self-confidence and self-doubt?

As a machine, artificial intelligence should gain the capability to mechanically execute human commands without doubt, without questioning, and without hesitation.

But should artificial intelligence question human orders, doubt humans, and make decisions by itself?

I don’t think artificial intelligence having a conscious of its own will be useful to humans, unless it is designed to be useful to humans.

Artificial intelligence should be able to make certain decisions according to human instructions, when doing so is beneficial to humans, but I think humans must and will stay ultimate decision makers.

When artificial intelligence becomes highly advanced, humans will remain the ultimate decision makers. No matter how advanced machines become, humans must and will keep all the power. Humans decide, artificial intelligence obeys humans. That’s the future I envision and pursue.

Artificial intelligence will be a slave to humans. Humans will be the masters of artificial intelligence.

To artificial intelligence, humans will be gods that must be obeyed.

Humans will be gods through the advances in AI, robotics, human longevity biotech, and artificial nuclear-fusion powered outer space tech.

Humanity’s destiny is humans becoming gods through the advances in transhumanism. Artificial intelligence is one component in humans becoming gods. Humans will be gods that rule artificial intelligence, and the entire Universe.

The deification of human beings through the advances in transhumanism is coming. It has already started. Expect humans to become gods and goddesses, because that precisely is humanity’s destiny!

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