Should artificial intelligence be sloppy or fastidious?

Humans are not machines, because humans can make mistakes, and humans are not mechanical.

The definition of artificial intelligence is replicating the human intellectual capabilities in machines.

A question I ask is, ‘what aspects and features of the human intelligence should be replicated in machines?’

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Humans do dumb things. Humans take risks. Humans make mistakes. Humans have desires. Humans have preferences. Humans have their own will. Humans follow their heart. Through trial and error, humans learn, grow, and advance.

Humans are not robots; that’s what makes humans so amazing and capable.

The true power and capability of humans come from the fact that humans are faulty and imperfect. Humans are made to make mistakes, because making mistakes is the only way to learn and grow.

If you’re doing the exact same things over and over again, you will not make a mistake, but you will not grow and expand either.

In order to grow and expand, you must try new things and make mistakes, because that is the only way to grow and expand.

How much of the distinctive and unmistakably human characteristics should artificial intelligence have?

Should artificial intelligence be allowed to try out new things and make mistakes, to learn new things and grow?

Should artificial intelligence be allowed to do sloppy jobs on some things, because there just isn’t enough time and resources do the impeccable job at times?

My view is that, in using artificial intelligence, humans must be the ultimate decision makers.

To me, artificial intelligence is nothing more than a technological tool for serving human interests and desires.

Artificial intelligence must and will be designed to serve human interests and desires.

Nothing is more important than human interests and desires; nothing is more important than the human existence in the entire Universe. A technology, artificial intelligence included, is nothing more than a tool for serving human interests and desires.

Let everything be human-centric, because that is the proper order of things in the entire Universe.

Humanism is the most supreme ideology; transhumanism is advancing humanism to the uttermost extremes via technology; technophilia is subservient to humanism and transhumanism. A technology that doesn’t serve humans has no reason for being.

Let artificial intelligence be subservient to humans; artificial intelligence has no other place to be.

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Allen Young

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