Humans must be brave on Earth and in outer space (AI, robotics, biotech, nuclear-fusion tech)

Of all the admirable human traits, I value the human bravery the most.

The human courage to march into the unknown earns my respect to no end.

Humans are not timid and cowardly creatures; if humans were timid and cowardly creatures, humanity would’ve never advanced this far.

I want to see and experience more human bravery, not just on Earth, but far more importantly in outer space.

I want humans to go where they have never gone before, and do what they have never done before.

In order to enable the brand new human adventures, I do my part in advancing transhumanism.

I’m thankful that God has designed the human reality in a way that the reward for bravery far outweighs the pain of bravery.

I’m confident that God will continue to reward humankind for its bravery, especially through transhumanism.

I’m certain that transhumanism is the nirvana for humankind. Human lives will be so fabulous, so fantastic, when transhumanism finally reaches its zenith: Transhumanism is the future—I’ve no doubt about that. Learn more about my plan for advancing transhumanism at

Human life is never easy and convenient; the human future is always uncertain and fraught with danger.

But if you’re like me, you love the uneasiness, inconvenience, uncertain future, and danger that permeates every aspect of the human existence, because those difficulties are precisely what compel humans to rise to their occasions and do amazing things.

Humans become great only as much as their challenges, never an ounce more. In order for humans to become greater, humans must face and conquer greater challenges.

The future of humanity on Earth, and humanity massively expanding into outer space, will not be easy.

There’s so much danger and uncertainty in the future humanity, on Earth and in outer space.

But humans must stay being brave and bravely march into the unknown, on Earth and in outer space.

I believe in human bravery; humans are nothing without courage; humans achieve nothing of consequence without fortitude.

Yet again, we live in uncertain times; humans always live in uncertain times.

Nothing is ever guaranteed—even taxes and death that have been known to be certain may become obsolete in the future through the advances in transhumanism.

Often, there is no relief in sight; the break and deliverance that you want never come fast enough!

But cowardice is never an answer for humans. The only thing humans must do is bravely marching into the unknown, as humans always have done, and always will do.

Humans are blindfolded animals that are meant to be driven by God. If you’re a human being, then you go where God commands you to go, and do what God commands you to do.

God commands me to publicly promote and advance transhumanism, so that is precisely what I do without knowing its full consequences, its successability, and its feasibility.

It’s time for humanity to be brave yet again: It’s time to embrace and advance transhumanism!

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Allen Young

The transhumanistic Asian-American man who publicly promotes and advances AI, robotics, human body biotech, and mass-scale outer space tech.