Transhumanism will dwarf everything humans have done so far. Everything.

Tens of billions of artificial nuclear-fusion powered interplanetary spaceships in the Solar System in operation at any given time.

Hundreds of a thousand mass-scale outer space human habitats in the Solar System with one million or more people living in each mass-scale outer space human habitat.

Trillions of outer-space robots in operation in the Solar System to support the human lives and build wealth for humans.

The U.S. outer-space military operating one billion military spaceships across the Solar System, that are commanded by human commanders, and managed by artificial intelligence.

That is my vision of the transhumanistic Solar System that I strive to realize.

Everything humans have done and built so far will pale in comparison to the transhumanistic future of humankind.

My bet is that the future humans will be biotechnologically immortalized, genetically engineered, and neurotechnologically enhanced transhumanistic humans who conquer the Universe. God willing, some of us will live to be transhumanistic humans.

I’m convinced that transhumanism is the nirvana for humankind. Human lives will be so fabulous, so fantastic, when transhumanism finally reaches its zenith: Transhumanism is the futureā€”I’ve no doubt about that. Learn more about my plan for advancing transhumanism at

Have you ever felt so small, because what you experience feels so big? In the transhumanistic epoch of humanity, you will feel like a speck of dust, because what you experience as a transhumanistic human being will be astronomically gargantuan!

As a transhumanistic human being, you will be able to live for centuries, millennia, or beyond; the gartantuanness of the longevity of your human lifespan will make you feel small.

As a transhumanistic human being, you will be able to go and live anywhere in the Universe where humans can go and live; the astronomical vastness of outer space will make you feel small.

In the transhumanistic epoch of humanity, trillions of a trillion humans will live across the Universe; the colossal size, breadth, and presence of humanity will make you feel small.

Imagine and expect transhumanism dwarfing everything humans have done and experienced so far. Everything.

So far, humans have been insignificant; so far, individual human beings have lived briefly only for several decades at the most; so far, humans have been confined to Earth.

God willing, all the human limitations that humans have had hitherto will be removed via the advances in transhumanism!

The triumph of transhumanism will mean that all the human limitations will no longer be!

Transhumanism is the future of humankind; transhumanism is God’s will; transhumanism is the inevitability; transhumanism is the ultimate destiny and destination of humankind!

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Allen Young

The transhumanistic Asian-American man who publicly promotes and advances AI, robotics, human body biotech, and mass-scale outer space tech.