Biological strengths and weaknesses of humans, and artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics

The living human body is extremely frail and fragile.

The living human body decays, ages, deteriorates, dies, and eventually completely decomposes.

But in truth, the frailty and fragility of the living human body is what makes humans so capable: the living human body can change and evolve, precisely because it is malleable, flexible, and morphable. The living human body is designed for change and evolution: that is what makes humans so capable—humans can change and evolve, only because their bodies can.

My bet is that no matter how evolved machines become, machines will never have the flexibility and changeability of the living human body; hence, machines can never be as flexible, changeable, and evolvable as humans.

In the transhumanistic future that I envision and strive to realize, humans and machines will play specialized roles. Humans will specialize in being human, and doing only what humans can; machines will specialize in doing the mechanical work that humans are not very good at doing.

Imagine the future in which humans will be more human, and machines will support humans to be more human: that exactly is one aspect of the transhumanistic future that I aim to build.

We need to not only recognize, but also harness the biological strengths of the living human body in building the transhumanistic future of humanity.

Most people cannot begin to fathom how complex and advanced the living human body is. But the transhumanistic scientists and technologists must consider all the wonders and marvels of the living human body down to the minute detail, because removing human limitations, and improving the human condition, via advancing science and technology, requires understanding how the living human body functions, and improving the living human bodies via human genetic engineering biotech, human longevity biotech, and even human immortality biotech.

The living human bodies are beautiful; they should be made even more beautiful via biotechnology; humans should live beautiful lives via the advances in transhumanistic science, technology, and capitalism, while machines do all the ugly things, on Earth and in outer space.

The jobs that are dirty, dangerous, dull, boring, repetitive, and mechanical should not be done by humans, especially in outer space; undesirable jobs must be done by machines, while humans do humanly jobs, such as imagination, human interactions, complex reasoning, sophisticated and nonlinear creation, and procreation.

Humanity is a gift to the entire Universe created by God; humans must do much more important work than dull and redundant work. Let machines do uncreative and unimaginative work, so that humans can do more of creative and imaginative work, on Earth and in outer space!

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Allen Young

The transhumanistic Asian-American man who publicly promotes and advances AI, robotics, human body biotech, and mass-scale outer space tech.