Humans earn happiness: Should artificial intelligence feel happiness too?

Humans earn happiness: Humans feel happy when they achieve something difficult through toil.

If you want to feel the greatest happiness and joy, you must go after the greatest challenges and difficulties you can possibly face, and conquer them, because that is precisely how humans feel the greatest happiness and joy in their lives. What is easy will never make you happy; what is difficult will make you happy.

I have said over and over again that machines will never be human; but machines should have some humanlike intellectual capabilities.

I asked this question: Should machines feel happiness like humans do?

Machines cannot feel happiness because feeling happiness requires the human brain and the human neurochemicals for feeling happiness.

But the function of the human happiness deserves some attention: as I mentioned, the human happiness is a reward system. Humans are reward-seeking animals. Humans feel happy when they get the reward from their hard work.

Should machines have the behavioral trait of reward-seeking? Maybe.

In the future, intelligent machines will work on their own, especially in outer space, according to human instructions.

Humans are great achivers, because humans are great reward-seekers.

In order for machines to achieve great things for humans, machines must be designed to seek great rewards for humans.

Intelligent machines in the future can and will explore outer space on their own to seek rewards in outer space for humans, such as new resource deposits and new places for humans to live in outer space.

Machines in the future will not feel biophysiological happiness per se, but machines should definitely be able to detect, assess, and report the magnitudes of the rewards they find and acquire, especially in outer space.

As I’ve already publicly disclosed numerous times, I don’t believe in machines becoming humanlike; I believe that machines will forever stay mechanical, due to lacking the human body, but I do believe that machines can have much humanlike intelligence.

So, my focus is on developing and commercializing mechanical machines that are more capable, not making machines that can replace humans in being human. No machine will ever replace humans in being human, because being human is impossible without having a living human body.

So, forget about the ridiculous notion of machines having human emotions. You can’t have the genuine human emotions without being a living human being with a living human body; artificial emotions will never be as good as the real human emotions. Focus on creating and commercializing the mechanical machines that are capable of doing even more sophisticated and complex mechanical work, both manual and mental. That is my approach.

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