Thinking about how human brain works: human brain operations modeling

One of the things that I pay very close attention to is the human brain.

I keep pursuing doing my own scientific research on the human brain, and God willing, I’ll produce and publish some significant results in experimental and theoratical neuroscience in the ensuing years and decades that will be useful in curing human brain diseases, and enabling the human longevity biotech.

Because I have to do a lot of other things, and must be concerned about money, I can’t do just the research on the human brain; but hopefully, I will make significant contributions in experimental and theoratical neuroscience, if and when the needed money comes, and the circumstances permit.

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Importance is relative. I think human beings are extremely important, but are humans much more important than everything else in the Universe? I think humans are the most important existences in the entire Universe, but that is subjective.

I think the human brain is the most fascinating and important matter in the entire Universe, because from my human perspective, nothing is more important than the human existence. I firmly believe that humanity must become better and more important via the advances in science and technology.

Humanity is the way it is, ultimately because of the way the human brains function.

I’m confident that in the future, science will know everything that can be known about the human brain, and it will become possible to directly modify human brains via human genetic engineering and neurotechnology, in ways humans want.

Humans want more capability; humans want more expansion; humans want more presence; humans want more human experiences. I’m certain that advances in experimental and theoratical neuroscience will be a vital component in enabling humans to have more of what humans want.

Humanity changes and evolves because of two fundamental evolutions: human genetic evolution, and human brain state evolution.

I wanted to think more about the human brain state evolution, so I did.

Every human brain is in constant flux or change, constant alternation between different emotions and thoughts.

Every human brain has predominant feelings, thoughts, and impulses determined by one’s genes and past experiences.

The human brain processes the five human sensory inputs, recognizes patterns in its sensory inputs, creates emotional responses, and does rational reasoning.

The problem and limitation of the latest neuroscience is that it doesn’t know how exactly the human conscious gets created in the human brain by the human brain cells, dendrites, axons, and synapses.

The human brain is a relatively small matter, but because of such an astronomical complexity of the human brain, science is yet to figure out how the human brain works exactly at the smallest level to create the human conscious.

When money comes, and when circumstances permit, I’ll pursue developing and commercializing a scanner biotechnology that can detect and record every cell, dendrite, axon, and synapse in the human brain in 3D; it will have commercial applications in bioscience research, biomedicine, and human longevity biotech.

I have an extremely long road ahead in advancing transhumanism; it will not be easy, it will not be fast, and it will never have a guarantee of success; after decades of strenuous daily effort, I can end up a failure—that’s just how the human reality is, no absolute guarantee of success.

But I keep working on publicly promoting and advancing transhumanism, because I really don’t want to do anything else. Thanks for watching and listening this far.

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Allen Young

The transhumanistic Asian-American man who publicly promotes and advances AI, robotics, human body biotech, and mass-scale outer space tech.