How long until human body part manufacturing and human immortality biotech completion?

Biotechnology is a strange beast that is still very young and immature as of right now in AD 2023.

But because of its youth and immaturity, biotech holds enormous promise–namely, the capability to cure any and every disease and disability and damage on the human body, and enable human longevity or even immortality.

Chances are, earth-shattering breakthroughs in biotech will take decades to come, even if they do come, but I’m confident that they will come.

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As of right now, in AD 2023, there is no biotech that can synthesize a single biological cell from scratch. There isn’t even a bitech that can synthesize a whole genome from scratch. To the best of my knowledge, even protein synthesis technologies are extremely limited.

As of now, synthesizer biotechnologies need a lot of development, and commercialization, work.

I believe that with enough patience, persistence, hard work, dedication, and funding, the biotechnologies that can manufacture different human body parts and the entire human body for biomedical and human-longevity applications will come about.

With enough advances in biotech, there will no longer be incurable diseases, disabilities, and damages in the human body; I eagerly look forward to the day of eradicating all the illnesses in the human body, and I work toward realizing that day.

As I talk about in my book, titled The Future, I see a number of different categories of biotechnologies that must be advanced to enable the panacea biomedical biotech, and the human longevity or immortality biotech.

I believe it is absolutely essential to advance sensor biotech, scanner biotech, modeler biotech, designer biotech, synthesizer biotech, replacer biotech, robotic biotechnologies, nanotechnological biotechnologies, computational biotechnologies, fundamental biotechnologies, and applied biotechnologies. If you want to know more about my plan to advance these biotechnologies, check out my book, The Future.

To me, biotech is extremely exciting, because biotech has the capability to improve and even create biological life.

Biological lifeforms, especially the human beings, excite me to no end.

I think the biological lifeforms, especially the human beings, are God’s greatest creations in the entire Universe.

I believe biotech must be advanced, because biotech can improve and enhance biological lifeforms, especially the human beings.

Enabling humans to live longer and healthier human lives is enormously imporant to me. I’m certain that further advances in biotech will eventually enable humans to live longer and healthier human lives on Earth and in outer space.

Advancing human body biotech will take time, but I think it is time worth taking, because advances in biotech will bring about more human lives; nothing is more important than creating more human lives, and I’m certain that advances in biotech will play vital roles in protecting and enhancing human lives.

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Allen Young

The transhumanistic Asian-American man who publicly promotes and advances AI, robotics, human body biotech, and mass-scale outer space tech.