Future division of labor between humans and robots

I’ve talked about this before, but it’s worth pointing out again. I don’t think machines will ever be able to replace humans, because having the human capabilities requires having a living biological human body; and in work places, machines will always be managed by human workers, because human sensory perceptions, emotional responses, reasoning, discernment, judgment, taste, caring, and language capabilities are always needed to produce human results.

I’m certain AI and robotics technologies will advance, and get adopted and used in workplaces in America and elsewhere in the First World, and later on eventually in the developing world; but AI and robotics will never completely replace humans; AI and robotics will only be an addition to humans.

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In my view, in the robotized economy, humans will do what only humans can, whereas robots will do what only robots can such as quickly doing highly repetitive tasks nonstop; humans will do the work that humans want to do, and robots will do the work that humans don’t want to do.

In my view, the future American economy with human and robot workers will look like a division of labor between humans and robots. Humans will do humanly creative and decisive work, and robots will do dumb mechanical work.

Human beings may not consciously realize this, but human thinking and decision-making are extremely valuable; humanly things happen because of the human thinking and decision-making. No matter how advanced AI and robots become, humans will keep on providing what only humans can provide.

Being human is work, a very difficult work; in the age of AI and robotics, humans will keep on doing the most difficult human work, which is being human.

I’m certain that no matter how advanced AI and robotics become, humans will continue to work, because humans are designed to work in being human.

Humans don’t have to do dumb, mechanical, repetitive work when AI and robots can do such work.

The AI and robotics future I envision and pursue is humans being more human and doing more humanly work, and AI and robots performing dumb, mechanical, and repetitive work.

Expect humans being more human, and doing more humanly work, via using AI and robotics technologies of the future; I’m certain that future will inevitably come in due time.

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Allen Young

The transhumanistic Asian-American man who publicly promotes and advances AI, robotics, human body biotech, and mass-scale outer space tech.