The Future

Robocentric The Future book cover

Saying that The Future is wild is a gross understatement: The Future is absolutely insane, just the way it should be!

This book, The Future, prophesies the future of humankind in the 21st century.

The Future specifies the masterplan to build the future of humanity with artificial intelligence, robotics, human immortality biotech, and mass-scale outer space humanity expansion tech.

Written and published by Allen Young, the transhumanistic Asian-American man, The Future specifies how Allen Young’s American high-tech corporation, Robocentric, alters the human reality by advancing AI, robotics, human body biotech, and mass-scale outer space tech!

The Future tells how Robocentric enables humans to have as much intelligence as they want, have as much manual labor as they want, have as much wealth as they want, live as long as they want, and be anywhere in the Universe where humans can be.

In this book, The Future, you’ll encounter the wildest and craziest ideas and plans for building the future of humanity through advancing AI, robotics, human body biotech, and mass-scale outer space tech!

The Future has seven parts.

The “Robocentric overview” part specifies Robocentric’s definition of transhumanism, Robocentric’s primary purpose, the next epoch of humanity that Robocentric creates, Robocentric major business groups and objectives, Robocentric’s chief strategy, and Robocentric major corporate expansion stages.

The “Robocentric Artificial Intelligence business paradigm” part specifies What Robocentric Artificial Intelligence is for, Robocentric Artificial Intelligence technology business objectives and purposes, and Robocentric Artificial Intelligence technology types and development course.

The “Robocentric Robotics business paradigm” part specifies Robocentric Robotics major economic goals, the Robocentric U.S. military and U.S. ally militaries robotization plan, and Robocentric Robotics technology types and development course.

The “Robocentric Biotech business paradigm” part specifies Robocentric’s plan for removing the human biological limitations, Robocentric human genetic engineering biotech, Robocentric human-food production biotechnology, Robocentric biotechnological transhumanization of the U.S. military and its ally militaries, Robocentric Biotech policies, Robocentric Biotech commercialization strategy, and Robocentric Biotech types and development course.

The “Robocentric Outer Space Tech business paradigm” part specifies Robocentric mass-scale outer space humanity experience and economy creation, why artificial nuclear fusion is absolutely necessary in enabling mass-scale outer space humanity expansion, constant-1g-acceleration spaceship and nuclear-fusion physics calculations, mass-destruction weapon potential of the constant-1g-acceleration interplanetary spaceships and required planetary and interplanetary defense systems, transhumanization of the U.S. outer-space military and its ally outer-space militaries, interplanetary and interstellar and intergalactic humanity compartmentalization and politics, building and maintaining and using mass-scale outer space human habitats and humanless buildings, floating permanent or long-term outer-space human habitat, expected uses of the non-Earth planets in the Solar System, Robocentric outer-space tech types and development course, and Robocentric outer-space tech commercialization strategy.

The “Robocentric Unified Humanity Science paradigm” part specifies what Unified Humanity Science is, why Unified Humanity Science is vital in advancing transhumanism (with artificial intelligence, robotics, human immortality biotech, human genetic engineering, and mass-scale outer space humanity expansion), Robocentric MASP technology, and Robocentric Unified Humanity Science development course.

The “Getting involved with Allen Young and Robocentric more” part specifies why Allen Young pursues altering the human realities via advancing transhumanism, Allen Young and Robocentric’s commitment to advancing transhumanism, Robocentric corporate timeline, investing in Robocentric, permissions and restrictions on spending the early Robocentric investor monies, restrictions placed on the Robocentric private shares, when Robocentric will go public, who controls Robocentric, Robocentric stock distribution plan, Robocentric hiring plan, how to get involved with Robocentric more, and a call to invest in Robocentric.

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