Robocentric Executives

Currently, Robocentric is a (very) small business in its early startup phase.

At the moment, Allen Young, Robocentric’s sole founder, serves as the sole board director and CEO of Robocentric; Allen Young is currently working on completing and commercializing the AI and robotics software technologies and business models that he has been developing for nearly two decades.

Allen Young (Chairperson, CEO, Chief Technology Architect)

Allen Young is an Asian-American researcher, inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur with a career focus and commitment on AI, robotics, human longevity biotech, and nuclear-fusion powered outer space tech.

Allen Young was born in South Korea in AD 1979, with one-quarter North Korean blood, and three-quarters South Korean blood; Allen Young lived in South Korea until he was 15 years old in AD 1995, then immigrated to America with his mother and younger brother in AD 1995 due to his mother’s pursuit of immigration to America; Allen Young became a naturalized American citizen; as documented in his autobiography, Allen Young came from multiple generations of failed bloodlines; due to his birth and background, Allen Young has dealt with the particular psychological issues pertaining to his parental bloodlines, and studied different peoples and cultures to gain a deeper understanding of human psychologies and behaviors; Allen Young’s childhood dream was working on advancing science, technology, and capitalism; in AD 2000, at 20 years of age, Allen Young has decided to stay in America, instead of going back to South Korea, for pursuing his childhood dream in America, instead of in South Korea, due to concluding that America would offer far better opportunities for scientific, technological, and capitalistic endeavors; Allen Young’s primary and only focus in life is building Robocentric; Allen Young works over 80 to 100 hours almost every week on his career commitment; Allen Young has a multidecadal commitment to advancing science, technology, and capitalism; Allen Young intends to work on advancing science, technology, and capitalism for the next 30 to 40 years, into his 70’s and 80’s, at the minimum; Allen Young has never married, and never produced any children yet, in order to completely focus on pursuing his interests in science, technology, and capitalism.

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