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If you want to send a message to Robocentric CEO, Allen Young, the transhumanistic Asian-American man, you can post a comment or send a message on a Robocentric social media channel.

To have a Skype video-call business meeting with Robocentric CEO, include your Skype name, preferred meeting time, and reason for requesting a video-call business meeting.

The list of Robocentric social media channel links are available at

You can send messages on Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Robocentric Facebook Group, Telegram Group, and Discord Server are great online places to post comments on.

Not all comments and messages are replied to on the social media.

Become a Robocentric investor, and post a comment or send a message on Robocentric Investors Forum, to get the highest priority response.

Visit and buy Robocentric private stocks to become a Robocentric investor.