Invest in Robocentric

Robocentric Fundraising Round 1

Robocentric works on advancing AI, robotics, human immortality biotech, and nuclear-fusion outer space tech, according to its plan specified in its book, The Future, available at

Currently, Robocentric has no revenue, no technology products, and no patents yet; this is Robocentric’s pre-product fundraising.

Why Robocentric needs investor money

Robocentric needs investor money for completing and commercializing its first visual artificial intelligence and robotics software technologies.

Investor money will be spent on the needed equipment, patent fees, and marketing cost.

Robocentric fundraising goal and valuation

Robocentric is currently seeking up to US$350,000 with valuation of US$3.5 million, 10% of non-supervoting stocks.

Allen Young, the founder and CEO of Robocentric, the transhumanistic Asian-American man, keeps all the supervoting stocks and the controlling voting power in Robocentric; Allen Young also keeps 35% of the nonsupervoting stocks; the rest of the nonsupervoting stocks will be distributed to investors and deserving employees.

In the future, the supervoting stocks will not be paid dividends; the non-supervoting stocks may get paid dividends when Robocentric generates sufficient income and profit.

First Robocentric Investor

Robocentric is currently seeking its first investor who will invest US$4,000 in Robocentric to provide the needed funding for Robocentric to incorporate in Delaware, and to launch a website where people can buy Robocentric stocks online for Robocentric to fundraise US$350,000 for completing, patenting, lauching, and advertising its very first high-tech products in visual artificial intelligence and robotics software.

The first Robocentric investor who invests US$4,000 in Robocentric will be given triple the amount of Robocentric stocks, for taking the financial risk for Robocentric and betting on Robocentric; so, for the first Robocentric investor, the effective amount of investment will be US$12,000 with the Robocentric valuation of US$3.5 million.

After the first Robocentric investor invests US$4,000 in Robocentric via the PayPal donation link at, Robocentric will incorporate in Delaware, and make buying Robocentric stocks available to the general public on its website.

If you financially support Robocentric with US$4,000, via the PayPal donation at, Robocentric will issue Robocentric private stocks to you after its incorporation for the amount you give to Robocentric, plus extra stocks for financially supporting Robocentric during Robocentric’s early startup phase. In your US$4,000 PayPal donation, include a note that says ‘First Robocentric investment of US$4,000, US$12,000 stocks at US$3.5 million valuation’, your name, your email address, and your phone number, for getting the Robocentric private stocks as soon as Robocentric incorporates in Delaware with the fund you provide; note that the money you send to Robocentric is non-refundable.

Robocentric Investor Risk Warning: Investing carries risks, including loss of capital and illiquidity. There is no guarantee when you will be able to liquidate your investment in Robocentric.

For Robocentric investment questions, contact Allen Young directly using the info at