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Robocentric is an American high-tech corporation founded and managed by Allen Young, an Asian-American software and hardware developer and marketer, researcher, inventor, public communicator, and entrepreneur with career focus on AI, robotics, biotech, and nuclear-fusion tech: Robocentric focuses on advancing AI, robotics, biotech, and nuclear-fusion powered outer space tech with a multidecadal commitment.

Currently, Robocentric is in its early startup phase: Allen Young is working on completing, patenting, and commercializing his visual AI and robotics technologies that he has been developing over a long period of time.

Currently, Robocentric has no revenue, no technology products, and no patents yet; this is Robocentric’s pre-product fundraising.

To support Robocentric, buy Robocentric stocks with as little as US$100 per share.

How Robocentric will spend investor money

Robocentric will spend its investor money on completing, patenting, and commercializing its first visual artificial intelligence and robotics software technologies.

Investor money will be spent on the operations costs, needed equipment, patent fees, and marketing cost.

Robocentric fundraising goal and valuation

Robocentric is currently seeking up to US$350,000 with valuation of US$7 million, 5% of non-supervoting stocks.

Allen Young, the founder and CEO of Robocentric, keeps all the supervoting stocks and the controlling voting power in Robocentric; Allen Young also keeps 35% of the nonsupervoting stocks; the rest of the nonsupervoting stocks will be distributed to investors and deserving employees.

In the future, the supervoting stocks will not be paid dividends; the non-supervoting stocks may get paid dividends when Robocentric generates sufficient income and profit.

Buy Robocentric Stocks

Robocentric stock buying features coming soon. You’ll be able to purchase a Robocentric stock with only US$100.

Robocentric stock buying terms and conditions will be disclosed when the Robocentric stock buying features become available.

Robocentric Investor Risk Warning: Investing carries risks, including loss of capital and illiquidity. There is no guarantee when you will be able to liquidate your investment in Robocentric.

For Robocentric investment questions, contact Allen Young directly using the info at