Robocentric Jobs

Hey, Robocentric CEO, Allen Young, the transhumanistic Asian-American man, here.

As I have specified in The Future, the book that specifies my plans for advancing AI, robotics, human body biotech, and mass-scale outer space tech, Robocentric plans to hire its first employees when the appropriate time comes.

As I’ve specified in my near-term Robocentric business plan, and in The Future, my current focuses are securing funding for Robocentric, and completing and launching Robocentric’s first high-tech products in AI and robotics. When everything that must be done first is done, Robocentric will start hiring its first employees.

Thanks for your interest in working at Robocentric!

Keep in touch. You can follow the Robocentric social media channels, and you can join a Robocentric livestream.

— Allen Young
Robocentric CEO
The transhumanistic Asian-American man

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