Near-term Robocentric Business Plan

Allen Young
Robocentric CEO
The transhumanistic Asian-American man
1 June 2022

I have created the following document for applying for U.S. federal grants, other grants, angel investor monies, venture capitalist monies, SBA (Small Business Administration) business loan, and other business loans for getting some seed money for Robocentric. I’ll continue to seek money for Robocentric until enough funding is secured for developing and marketizing Robocentric’s first high-tech products in AI and robotics.

The following document contains the overall business plan of Robocentric, and how I plan to build Robocentric in multiple stages over multiple decades. The following document serves as a something of a near-term business plan for Robocentric that you can use as a reference in assessing your decision to investment in Robocentric, in addition to referencing The Future, the book, for much more details than in the following document.

Please distribute the following document to angel investors and venture capitalists that you know, and introduce them to the Robocentric investment opportunities.